Having a land and a home is the dream investment that most people wish to have. Land appreciates in value every year and according to the Sydney iconic investors, they have reported that only banks and hefty tycoons will be able to purchase land come the year 2030. Land for sale is expensive, especially to those who want to acquire land near the outskirts of major cities. Today, people realize that to save money and time, one needs to buy both land and a house at the same time for easy settlement.

Buying new house or land – which is the best?

Land for sale is good for people who want to use the land for their own purposes. It could be due to commercial purposes or residential purposes. You just need to know the expenses of buying the land and then later build a house. Buying a home might sound expensive, but it comes with unrecognizable fairness in it.

Buying a new house may mean buying a new land if at all you are not looking for a big land. When you buy a house, everything has already been designed for you, and you will have a parking space, fences, garages and other amenities for your well-being.

Things that are contained in the new house and land packages central coast wide

When buying a house, you want your life to be comfortable and safe. You are most likely going to experience the 4 Star Designer Essentials and BASIX requirements, which are going to make your living wonderful in the house. You will have a panel lift garage door for the safe parking of your car.

In many of the homes, you will get concrete driveway & footpath, a letter box which is placed just outside the door and supply of lighting fittings. Security cameras and electric fences may be included in the package but mostly people install these themselves. Eden Brae Homes

The features of the house and land packages

The land should be located in a serene environment but not far from the marketplaces, and shopping centers. Around it should be well built roads that will ensure perfect movement to and from the town. Always keep in mind that you need security even when outside your home so the local police should be available on the road you use.

New house and land packages Sydney builders offer include a security guard who is military trained to stand on your gate always. Buying a new home or land is the best investment one can make. Therefore, you need quality property to buy. With the effort of experienced agents, you can be sure to get the best one.

Property agents are experienced, and they understand how to check the quality of the house or the land so that you buy the best property. They can even negotiate the price, find the best payment option and ensure that you have acquired the necessary ownership documents.

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It was in the news recently that Starwood will open a new 5-star hotel, Westin, on the Sunshine Coast, Australia by 2021. This will be the first newly built luxury hotel here that too in 27 years. So everyone can expect the real estate market here to go up in the near future. Not only that, even the tourism would increase. Known for its expansive beaches and beautiful bays, sunshine coast is also a place worth considering for anyone planning on a holiday getaway. Sunshine coast is the destination for all kinds of people, whether honeymooners, families on a vacation or even work related travel vacations. It boasts of an array of activities that satisfy most groups of people. What makes it even more appetizing is the fact that there are wonderful accommodation options from which people can choose ranging from luxurious hotels to waterfront villas sunshine coast offers for rent.  Below are some of the activities one can engage in while there.

Stunning coastline

 The Sunshine Coast has a breathtaking coastline that attracts tourists throughout the year to Australia. Some of the beaches include kings beach at coloundra, peregian beach and cololum beach. Taking strolls around the beach, beach parties and enjoying a book as you sip a drink by the beach are some of the activities you can engage in when you want a break from waterfront villas sunshine coast has or hotel you are staying in.

Enjoy art

 The blackall ranges that accommodate charming towns, and villages will give any lover of art something to marvel at. You can stroll through the magnificent gem packed national parks and view the wonderful wild that Australia boasts of.  Also, you can visit the Caloundra regional gallery and Noosa regional gallery at Tewantin, while at your stay in one of the new homes sunshine coast offers for holiday rental if you are an art lover.

Marine life

A holiday in the sunshine coast is not complete without marine life; after all, it’s a coastal region.  There is an Australia zoo at Beerwah that you can visit for some of that marine life experience. There is also the Mooloolaba underwater world where visitors can enjoy a closer interaction with marine life. The Queensland air museum at Caloundra is another interesting place to visit as well.

Beautiful scenery

It would be a mistake not to acknowledge the beautiful sceneries that the sunshine coast harbors. The Glass House Mountains, for example, are among the features that stand out on the sunshine coast. You can go on a hike and take beautiful pictures while at it to have a memory of some of your experiences.  The sandy beaches too are a sight to behold.


The accommodation options available on the sunshine coast are mind-blowing. You can find a wide array of hotels and waterfront villas sunshine coast wide, where you can wake up to the sound of the ocean waves, and take evening strolls along the beach. New Caloundra homes for holiday rental also offer comfort and a relaxing atmosphere to anyone who is looking for a lovely homely feel away from home.

Real estate investors in Australia today are leaning more towards new land sunshine coast has as they get that this region is among the greatest holiday destinations in the world. Therefore, by investing here they stand to reap big from setting up hotels and villas on the coast. http://www.pelicanwaters.com/