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In a business establishment, clean and shiny floors make anyone comfortable dealing with whoever is in charge. After all, a clean environment is often associated with a reliable company. The website https://www.toplinefloorcare.com.au/ shows different flooring services, ranging from cleaning to stencilling, for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Not surprisingly, the type of flooring used has something to say about a business. So if you are in the process of replacing your existing floors for something else, read this article first.

What different flooring say about a business


There are several characteristics that make carpets a good choice:

Better soundproofing

Naturally warm and inviting

Generally more affordable

Come with environmentally friendly options

Easy replacement, especially when using carpet tiles

Carpeting, however, is not advisable for business premises with extremely heavy foot traffic. This increases upkeep and effectively cancels out the material’s affordability. Click here Topline Floor Care

Hardwood or natural stone

One word: long-lasting.

This is why both options are popular for multi-generation companies. The amount of money saved from annual replacement is beneficial for business owners. Why spend on flooring that needs high maintenance when you can choose durable and easy-to-clean products?

It’s important to use natural hardwood or stone as doing so conveys authenticity, professionalism, and style. These have a tendency to influence visitors without them even realising it.

Moreover, such flooring can withstand constant pressure. Hardwood will have to be refinished and eventually replaced. But it will take up to half a lifetime for this to happen.

Tile or vinyl

This option is a practical choice for a lot of reasons:

Easy to clean and maintain

Can withstand the heaviest of foot traffic

Aesthetic and hygienic purposes

More professional looks without the high expense

Affordable alternative to luxury flooring

It’s a smarter flooring choice that will not break your budget and still present your business in a professional and reliable way.


Beautiful and shiny, easy to clean and install, and affordable, laminate flooring for your business premises is a great choice. Bring in the look of hardwood flooring without spending a lot.

This type of flooring, however, is difficult to repair or replace when damaged. So it may not be the smartest choice if you expect heavy foot traffic or when heavy machinery is used.


Scroll down the website https://www.toplinefloorcare.com.au/and you’ll see before-and-after images of concrete flooring after it’s restored, stripped and readied for wet surface grinding, or stencilled. The transformation is just amazing.

Without the need for any other materials to be installed on top, concrete is generally inexpensive. The number of stencil patterns also mean the floors in your office or commercial premises can be unique. You even have the option to have your company logo stencilled on it for branding purposes.

Now that you know what your choice of flooring says about your business, it’s time to make the right choice. Get professional advice when needed.

Contact Topline Floor Care for information on the cost of having different flooring cleaned, restored, fixed and the like. Remember that the initial investment is just part of the overall cost of flooring, you also need to take into account maintenance and upkeep throughout its life cycle.

Visit https://www.toplinefloorcare.com.au/ for contact details.


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